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Reflecting on 2016


REFLECTING on 2016, South African economists predicted that this year would be a tough one for business. In fact, some economists predicted that this could be the toughest year in decades for the country thus forcing businesses around the country to tighten their belts.

BUSINESS ADVICE: The Balancing Act


our career is important, but a problem arises when you neglect other important areas of your life. Areas which, if not balanced, can negatively influence your ability to be successful and happy.

To truly achieve success, we need to strive for a balanced life. I believe that balance is not when all things are equal. It’s being mindful of life and the bigger picture. Investing wisely in your health, career, wealth creation, family, friends, relationships spirituality, personal time, fun. Here’s some pointers, but everyone’s life is different and priorities shift and change constantly:

Meet the Business Chamber’s very own Greening Champ


BEV Mattheus, the task Team Co-ordinator at the Business Chamber,talks to Gary Blom about her greening projects at home. Bev has a worm farm in her garden at home as well as a grey water system in place. She encourages others to start greening projects, saying that it does not require a lot of space nor is it very difficult to maintain. It is all about looking out for the environment, not only about thinking what you will save in your purse.