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Automotive opportunities for black-owned manufacturers

Ford Ranger 8.2

NEW OPPORTUNITY: A new opportunity for all manufacturing companies in the region with a Level 3 and higher B-BBEE certification.

The Eastern Cape Automotive Industry Forum (ECAIF) is inviting all manufacturing companies in the region with a Level 3 and higher B-BBEE certification to register on its database.

“Working with all the leading component suppliers in the Eastern Cape we have identified a number of opportunities for black-owned manufacturing companies in support of government’s drive to increase the participation of blacks in the manufacturing sector,” says Andre Nel, convener of the ECAIF Supply Chain Working Group.

“An additional benefit is that having a stronger and broader base of automotive suppliers in the Eastern Cape will help us retain and grow the local motor manufacturing sector on which the province’s economy is so dependent,” he says.

ECAIF is geared to promote the coordinated development of manufacturing in the province’s automotive components sector.
Members include all the main automotive components suppliers in the Eastern Cape.

The opportunities that have been identified in a survey of ECAIF members are in packaging, manufacturing of small plastic and metal parts, toolmaking and the supply of specialist chemicals and oils. Suppliers can be based in Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage or East London.

“But, we are more than happy to meet with manufacturers of other products. Our more than 50 members are always looking for ways of increasing local content and reducing the costs of logistics.

“Companies do not have to be in the automotive sector already. ECAIF will help them to meet the requirements of Tier 1 and Tier 2 component suppliers,” he says.

Companies wanting to register can go to the ECAIF website at www.ecaif.co.za and fill in the form.

For more information call Ed Richardson on 041 582 3750.

Please note that there is no cost.