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CDC records impressive results in the Eastern Cape Schools

Cdc New Schools

NEWLY BUILT SCHOOLS: Grade 7 learners (left) Libhongo Guzana (11) and (right) Akhona Mpangeva (12) from the Sophumelela Primary School in Keiskammahoek one of the successful schools newly built by the CDC on behalf of the Department of Education in 2014.

The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) announced today it has seen the successful completion of well over ninety seven percent – 97% of school projects allocated to it by the Department of Education in the Eastern Cape.

The CDC, an implementing agent appointed by the department to expedite the delivery of enabling infrastructure has made serious inroads in the schools infrastructure backlog throughout the Eastern Cape. The organisation has remained one of the top performing implementing agents of the department in the infrastructure development programme. The CDC has managed to successfully complete well over five hundred and eighty five (585) projects accumulatively valued at R1.8 billion in the last three financial years.

“As much as our record speaks for itself, we are mindful that more work still remains. Our dedication and commitment in ensuring that we speedily continue delivering adequate infrastructure, is a constant reminder of the commitment we have to Eastern Cape learners,” says Thembeka Poswa, CDC Programme Director DOE/DSRAC.

“Infrastructure to schools like Lumko High School at Amalinda in East London to the value of R63 million have been nothing short of a miracle when compared to before the CDC became involved,” says Poswa.

“Through the allocation of funds by the department we have gradually ensured that most of the school infrastructure includes adequate classrooms, admin blocks, media centers, science laboratories, nutrition centers, multi-purpose classes, fencing, electrical installation, water & sanitation, walkways, parking and assembly areas,” adds Ms Poswa.

Key Milestones in the last three Financial Years

On the backdrop of the slow approval rate of project allocation to Implementing Agents by the Department of Education in the Eastern Cape, due to red tape. The CDC has recorded some key highlight milestones through seeing the successful completion of school projects within budget, scope and time.

The CDC has since the year 2008 up to 2014 been allocated over two hundred and twenty five (225) school projects in the Eastern Cape by the department valued at over R900 million. The CDC has recorded a hundred percent 100% success rate by completing all of them on time and within scope.

Furthermore, in the Financial Year (FY) 2014/2015 the CDC was allocated a hundred and ten (110) sanitation projects by the department valued at R146 million. The organisation achieved an impressive success rate of ninety six percent (96%), with a hundred and three (103) of the projects completed successfully and handed over to the department, with the remainder transferred to the following FY.

In the Financial Year 2015/16 the CDC was allocated a hundred and fifty nine school fencing projects (159) and recorded a seventy five percent (75%) success rate, with a hundred and twenty (120) of the projects completed successfully. With the remainder transferred to the following year due to budget constraints from the department.

In the Financial Year Financial Year 2016/17 the CDC was allocated a hundred and eight (108) temporary classrooms, with a success rate of sixty nine percent (69%), with seventy five (75) of the projects completed successfully. With the remainder transferred to the following year due to budget constraints from the department.

SMME Participation on projects

“As is CDC policy to ensure that there is adequate representation of Small Micro Medium Enterprises (SMME) on all projects that the organisation is in involved in. To this end, throughout the life span of the infrastructure development programme for schools on behalf of the department,” says Unathi Maholwana, CDC SMME Manager.

The CDC has awarded contracts to over twenty two (22) Small Micro Medium Enterprises to the value of R14 million from the FY 2014/2015 to 2016/2017 with the value of the contracts ranging between 35% – 36%.

Issued by the CDC