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Coca-Cola Fortune saves big with energy efficiency

Energy Bulb

LAST year one of Coca-Cola Fortune (CCF) depots, Perseverance, approached local energy saving company, Quality Demand Management (QDM), to assist in reducing their monthly energy account. 

QDM, known for their roll-out of Eskom’s lighting and sensor retrofit projects in the Eastern Cape, conducted an on-site audit of the Perseverance plant and discovered sustainable energy savings opportunities. 

After consultation an investment was made towards energy saving lights and motion sensors. A first point of call for all energy saving projects is to upgrade the lighting fixtures according to the premises exact needs and installing updated technology which can significantly optimize power usage. Coca-Cola moved away from the old technology and installed quality energy saving lights.

  The QDM sensors installed regulate the lights and air-conditioner in the offices and warehouse when there is no occupancy. In the office block savings of around 40% per year were forecast with this project with lighting and air-conditioner expenses accounting for up to 60% of the buildings running costs per year.  The installation took three months as 921 indoor and outdoor lights were replaced and 497 sensors were installed. The project saw immediate savings of 45% peaking at 69% in January 2015 averaging out at 52% over the year. Savings accounted for 476 MWh in this first year, producing an astonishing payback of 3.5 years.

  To put that in perspective the savings equate to 331 metric tons of CO² or 162 000 kilograms of coal which could power 90 homes for a year or remove 140 tons of garbage sent to landfill sites.

  The energy saving efforts have been driven by the management at the Perseverance plant with the good news story influencing the way the staff look at energy and how they use it in their own homes. 

Coca-Cola Fortune Technical Support Manager: Dan Mashiane: “We are very pleased with the savings and will be rolling out this energy saving project to our other sites. QDM have done an excellent job to help us with our sustainability objectives and ensure we continue with responsible business in South Africa.”