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Coega distances itself from construction corruption, fraud

The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) on  Thursday, 7 Feb reiterated its commitment to rooting out corruption and fraud.

This comes in the wake of media reports of a Hawks investigation into collusion in the construction industry which named the “Coega development project” as one of the projects affected by the alleged corrupt actions of construction firms.

CDC Head of Marketing and Communications, Ayanda Vilakazi, said references made in the media to the “Coega development project” were ambiguous and implicated the organisation when it is not actually the target of the investigation, but the victim of the alleged collusion.

“The CDC would like to state in no uncertain terms that it does not tolerate any form of corrupt activities or fraud,” said Vilakazi reiterating the unwavering position of the CDC’s Board and Chief Executive Officer.

“The CDC takes allegations of fraud and corruption very seriously – both from those levelling the allegations against it and the staff or companies implicated in the allegations. As such, the alleged Hawks investigation and the allegations therein obviously are of point of concern and will be considered by the organisation. To this end, should the investigation find any price collusion to the detriment of the Coega Project, the CDC will act against those companies.”

Vilakazi further emphasised the validity of the company’s tender practices: “The CDC developed and now operates the IDZ using its own internal processes; our tenders go through a rigorous process administered by an impartial tender committee and informed by the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (PPPFA). No suppliers have successfully challenged the CDC for tender rigging or any other corrupt activities. Our tender processes are legitimate, transparent and follow strict procedures.”

Vilakazi said integrity was foremost among the CDC’s shared values. “It is therefore critically important to ensure that activities misaligned with our good corporate governance practices are identified and brought to our attention at the earliest possible opportunity. “

In a move to show its commitment to rooting out fraud and corruption, the CDC in 2012 introduced a tip-offs anonymous toll-free number – 0800 007 035 – which is operated by an independent forensic audit firm.

The CDC encourages all contractors, service providers, employees and suppliers in general, as well as those involved in any other project for which the CDC is responsible, to report any and all incidents of corruption and/or fraud and/or dishonesty to the CDC,” said Vilakazi.

“The information reported will be treated with the utmost confidentiality by the CDC,” added Vilakazi. “The CDC wishes to re-iterate in the strongest possible terms its zero tolerance for corruption, fraud and acts of dishonesty.”

To report corruption, fraud or dishonesty, please contact the CDC:
• Please call: 32840 @ R1.00
• Free Fax: 0800 007 788
• Toll-free: 0800 007 035
• Free email: coega@tip-offs.com
• Website: www.tip-offs.com
• Postal Address: Tip-Offs, Freepost 138, Kwazulu Natal, Umhlanga Rocks, 4320