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Composites Cluster Latest News - Industry Research Partners for DUT

(1) Industry Research Partners for DUT

Students at the Durban University of Technology (DUT) are looking to engage companies with respect to the following topics:
1. The development of a scratch resistant paint for the automotive industry,
2. Failure analysis of composite materials; in particular getting access to samples which have failed in service,
3. The development of enhanced textiles, and
4. The development of a bio hybrid material for 3D Printing.

Interested parties can contact Prof Mervyn Kanny, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Durban University of Technology, Tel: 031 373 2230 or Email Kannyk@dut.ac.za

(2) 3D Print and Coffee

Innovator and owner of Provolution in Port Elizabeth, Sean Poole, who was recognised at the National Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Awards, hosted by the Cluster in November last year, earlier this week installed a 3D printer at a coffee shop in Walmer, to get customers interacting with the technology.

The EP Herald reports that with a tap on the touch screen and a quick payment scan, the machine prints a cookie cutter in the design of your choice.

And by the time you finish a cup of coffee, the print should be complete.

Poole said the aim of placing the printer in a public space was to introduce people, of all ages, to 3D printing and to create a sense of excitement about the innovation.

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(3) Trade Invest Africa is calling for applicants to participate on an Outward Trade and Investment Mission

Trade Invest Africa, a division of the Department of Trade and Industry, is calling for applicants to participate on an Outward Trade and Investment Mission to Uganda which is scheduled to take place from 20 to 23 May 2019. Their objective of this mission is to increase intra-Africa bilateral trade and investment between South Africa and Uganda. This trade and investment mission is a platform for South African companies which would like to export value added products and services as well as invest in Uganda. The closing date for receipt of application forms is 12 April 2019.

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