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It is totally unacceptable that Council members are holding this city to ransom by not approving the 2019/2020 Budget for the city.

We are deeply concerned about the unruly manner in which Councillors have been conducting themselves during recent Council meetings, as well as the alleged threats of intimidation directed towards certain Council members. This is totally unacceptable behaviour which destroys the credibility of local Municipal structures, while sending very negative messages to existing and potential investors.

We need a functioning City which delivers services to all of its constituencies. The selfish and destructive actions of the Council members add ongoing pressure to the already very challenging circumstances this City is facing, among which include an economy which is not growing and unemployment levels which are rapidly increasing.
We want to appeal to all parties to put their political agendas aside and do what is in the best interests of this City.

From: Andrew Muir
Nelson Mandela Bay Business President