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Dawie Roodt unpacks the virtual future

Dawie Roodt

DAWIE ROODT: Watch as the nationally renowned economist who specialises in Government finance and monetary policy, unpacks the virtual future, while considering various role-players in the South African economic and financial environment.

The virtual future is unfolding right before our eyes. Software like Bitcoin and Uber is reshaping our reality - the age of virtualism is upon us. Crypto is becoming virtual, money is private and the end of banks is nigh.

Meanwhile, everybody is doing it, but nobody knows who's been doing it to whom. Best of all is that the new uber class, career politicians and professional ineptocrats, are likely to become the only major casualties.

Over the last couple of decades, governments have become lazy and fat, and central banks all-powerful. However, Dawie Roodt will unpack and explain how virtual/crypto/private/decentralised money will impact on finance and why we may see the end of banks and even a decrease in taxes. Come and listen how power will move to where it should be; in your hands!

To view Dawie Roodt's perspective on the virtual future, click on the link below: