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EOH partners with The Services SETA for job creation

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PARTNERSHIP: The Services SETA has partnered with EOH to make a substantial contribution to the goal of creating 100 000 jobs by 2020.

This meaningful partnership, which commenced in December 2016, constitutes a funding commitment of R360 000 000 from the Services SETA that will see a total of 8945 youth placed in one of three learning pathways (viz. internships, learnerships and apprenticeships) across South Africa by 31 March 2018.

Consequently, a massive project is now underway, comprising multiple stakeholders nationwide, with EOH providing the project management in close collaboration with the Services SETA and a growing number of host employers, training providers, as well as learners, interns and apprentices (as recipients of this initiative).

EOH will continue to match candidates to demand-driven opportunities identified in consultation with enterprises that have come on board the Youth Job Creation Initiative, insofar as the latter enterprises are equipped to provide the necessary on-the-job training and support. All opportunities for one-year’s work experience (in the case of learnerships and internship), and three years’ experience (in the case of apprenticeships), will be aligned to the Services SETA’s mandate on skills development, in adherence with the SETA’s governance.

EOH will place incumbents with host employers until the full complement of 8945 youth has been reached. They will also see all learning pathways through to successful conclusion which will ultimately lead to certification of learners based on qualifications in which they enrolled. We remain committed to the empowerment of our employer partners and the recipients of these opportunities, in order to give them the best chance of continued employment upon completion of their respective learning pathways.

The project is not only for the Services SETA levy payers.

As a host employer, there are many benefits to your origination with regards to your monthly Employer Tax Incentive, the yearly 12H tax allowance and B-BBEE points.

To capitalize on this unique opportunity please contact:

Esti Strydom
Tel: 041 583 2214
Email: esti@mbat.biz

Issued by: MBAT