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NAACAM Show to take place in 2019

The National Association of Automotive Components and Allied Manufacturers (NAACAM) is pleased to announce that the second bi-annual NAACAM Show will take place in March 2019.

 The NAACAM Show is aimed at being the premier automotive manufacturing growth, technology, transformation & stakeholder engagement forum in Africa.

The inaugural initiative in 2017 set the benchmark we intend to build on in 2019:
o Support from OEMs, the dti and other arms of government, multiple tier 1 and 2 manufacturers and a host of aligned stakeholders and firms was significant.
o The 2017 iteration saw the participation of over 1,300 delegates and 180 exhibitors including a host of black-owned suppliers.

By consolidating industry players in a practical setting, the NAACAM Show 2019 will be a platform for component localisation and trade as well as an opportunity to engage the full spectrum of automotive stakeholders.

In 2019 we intend to attract a greater number of reputable foreign firms to aid technology transfer and more SA based black-owned suppliers to grow transformation.

Similarly, the conference element will include engagement around critical issues such as the progress towards implementation of the Automotive Masterplan to 2035 and wider regional opportunities.

The overall objectives of the NAACAM Show are to deliver a premier event that:
➢ Facilitates localisation, intra-Africa trade/industrial linkages, and exports from sectors determined to be globally competitive
➢ Enables FDI & technology partnerships
➢ Promotes development & growth of Black owned suppliers in SA
➢ Facilitates engagement amongst industry, policy, regulatory and labour stakeholders as well as industry support organisations.

The NAACAM Show is open to all stakeholders in the automotive value chain, including non-NAACAM members.

A process of engaging with South African automotive component production hubs is underway to secure an appropriate host venue for the NAACAM Show 2019.

The date and venue will be announced early in 2018. For inquiries around partnership opportunities, or other matters please contact the event project management team on (031) 764 6100, or email: naacamshow2019@bmanalysts.com