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Notes from the Top: Boomtown's Wayne Harrison

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Company: Boomtown Strategic Brand Agency
Position: Group Managing Director


Nelson Mandela Bay is a place where it is possible to find industry-leading professionalism and product innovation, coupled with wholesome small town values and business integrity.

What strikes me most about business in Nelson Mandela Bay is the high level of hunger to succeed. To show national and international clients just how talented and hard working this town is.

My business motto is the company with the best people wins.

The most important business lesson I ever learned was that you learn more about a person, or business, within an hour of listening, than a lifetime of taking.

My vision for business in Nelson Mandela Bay is for us to make a significant contribute towards global businesses & products, via the creative spark to ignite sales, and the staying power to build enduring brands.

Wayne HBranding the Bay

Boomtown’s new MD Wayne Harrison shares the agency’s perspective on branding Nelson Mandela Bay.

Strategic insight brings you the benefit of behavior change and creative execution. Boomtown is arguably one of the strongest destination branding agencies in Africa. What we’ve managed to do is harness the experts in different fields and use their skill in branding destinations and building tourism brands. We have been engaged not just with developing the Nelson Mandela Bay brand, but also Namibian tourism. We’ve engaged with Johannesburg tourism, and do work for Dubai and Mauritius.

There are many things that go into building a destination brand. It’s about finding that magical essence and discovering what differentiates a destination. We are really looking forward to taking that next step with the Nelson Mandela Bay brand, through the municipality and through the tourism board.

The process of building a brand is a complex one.

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