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Dear All,

We would like to give you an update with regards to our project.

The Environmental Specialist contract was awarded to a local specialist company Phila, Phila will be supplying the following services to our project::
• Ecologist Specialist
• Archaeologist Specialist
• Palaeontologist Specialist

The Bulk Earthworks contract has been awarded to CSV Construction. CSV Construction will be supplying the following services to our project:
• Clear and grub area
• Create platforms to suite the final design
• Ground preparation to handle required loads via dynamic/rapid compaction

CSV Construction have advised that they are looking for the following sub contractors:
• Site security
• Installation of perimeter fencing
• Water tankers for delivery of water to site for bulk earthworks (Will be travelling on public roads)
• Site ablution facilities
• Storage containers
• Vegetation chipping
• Supply of diesel for site equipment

CSV Construction have requested that should you be able to supply any of the above services (or any other services that may be of use to CSV Construction for this project) please submit your quotations or questions to "csvconstructionngqura@gmail.com"

Article Supplied by Ngqura Project Team