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Pathways for a Just Transition Briefing Note

The National Development Plan (NDP) envisages that, by 2030, South Africa will have made headway in transitioning to a society that is just, inclusive, sustainable and resilient. Chapter Five of the NDP sets out a framework and guiding principles to ensure that by 2030 South Africa’s transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient and sustainable economy and society will be well underway.   

Transitioning to a sustainable and resilient economy and society will require systemic and structural changes that should also see the use of South Africa’s natural resources, including water and energy, resulting in appropriate economic and social development that addresses our country’s triple challenges, namely, inequality, poverty, and unemployment.    

The National Planning Commission’s (NPC) work is now in its second phase, which intends to ensure the implementation of the Plan by engaging relevant stakeholders. In its plan for ensuring the implementation of Chapter 5 of the NDP, the NPC has designed a process to facilitate a series of dialogues culminating in a social compact – an agreement on what the best pathway for a Just Transition to a sustainable society would be as well as agreements on the modalities for implementation.   

The dialogues include building consensus on a vision for an equitable and sustainable South Africa in 2050, as well as determining the best pathway for a just transition towards that vision. The discourse will also consider, and address current crises impacting on our ability to ensure a just transition, such as energy sector job losses and the growing water crisis, amongst others.   

The vision for 2050 will be built through an iterative process of engagements and will be presented at a final concluding conference in April 2019.   

The current political discourse frames this process and the implementation of the Plan. President Ramaphosa in the State of the Nation Address 2018 highlighted the need for South Africans to work together “by getting social partners in our country to collaborate in building a social compact on which we will create drivers of economic recovery”. He further stated that “Our country has entered a period of change. While change can produce uncertainty, even anxiety, it also offers great opportunities for renewal and revitalisation, and for progress”.

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Article supplied by The National Planning Commission (NPC).