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Record number of vehicles exported last year

2015 Vehicle exports from South Africa represent the highest annual industry export figure on record.

A total of 333 748 units were exported last year. Industry new vehicle export sales were estimated to have added R80 billion to the total industry 2015 revenue.

In a statement this week, the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa) said: “Assuming further improvement in the global economy – industry export sales during 2016 could improve by some 42 000 vehicles or about 12.5% to reach a conservative projection of 380 000 export units.”

However, new vehicle sales during 2015 in South Africa recorded a year on year decline, and Naamsa anticipates that domestic new vehicle sales in 2016 would continue to decline between 3% and 5%.

“2016 is expected to be a lacklustre year for the South African automotive industry, particularly in the case of domestic new vehicle sales. Industry production levels, on the back of expected further growth in vehicle exports, should however remain in an upward phase,” according to Naamsa.

The association said South Africa’s potential for economic growth “remains solid” but requires structural reforms and resolute implementation of the National Development Plan to encourage investment, growth and employment.

Factoring in the expected improvement in exports, domestic production of motor vehicles in South Africa was expected to show an increase from 615 000 vehicles produced in 2015 to close on 660 000 vehicles in 2016 – an improvement of about 7.3%.

It is the vision of the South African vehicle industry to achieve an annual domestic vehicle production figure of close to 1 million vehicles by 2020.

“One of the imperatives for the successful realisation of the objective of new vehicle production in South Africa around 1 million units per annum – was industrial relations stability and close cooperation between employers and unions to improve productivity and overall efficiencies.”

For the full statement and sales figures, visit Naamsa’s website http://www.naamsa.co.za/flash/press.html