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SEDA Hotline available to assist SMMEs with outstanding government payment

SMME owners are encouraged to call the SEDA hotline should an invoice from a government department not be paid within 30 days. Contact SEDA’s national hotline on 0860 smmepay or 0860 766 3729, the hotline is available from 6:00 till 18:00 week days for Small Micro Medium Enterprises (SMMEs) to assist with the process of outstanding government payments.
Take note:
• A dedicated hotline agent will gather all the relevant information and then contact the relevant government departments’ finance division to facilitate payment of the outstanding amount.
• You will receive a unique reference number via sms once your non-payment incident has been captured by the Public Sector SMME Payment Assistance Hotline. Please safe guard this reference number for future correspondence with the Hotline.
• After hour enquiries may be submitted via an Email and fax. The template can be downloaded from the Seda website (www.seda.org.za) by following the Public Sector SMME Payment Assistance Hotline link which is available 24/7.
• According to the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA), public entities are required to pay for services rendered to them within 30 days upon receipt of all the necessary deliverables

The Small, Medium and Micro enterprises sector contributes more than 40% to South Africa’s GDP.
Find out more on: http://www.smmeportal.com/blog/?p=140 or http://www.acall.co.za/facilities2.html