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Thirteen containers lost at sea off the coast of Durban

On August 7, 2018 at around 23:20 hours, MSC CHLOE a container vessel, lost 13 containers overboard in position Latitude 30 degrees 02.65 ‘ South, Longitude 031 degrees 25.9 ‘ East. This position corresponds to about 21.6 nautical miles ESE of Durban harbour in 550 metres of water depth.

The vessel was on a voyage from Coega to Durban.

A navigational warning is being broadcasted by MRCC Cape Town and transiting vessels in and around the area are requested to keep a sharp lookout and to report to MRCC Cape Town and Durban Port Control of any sighting.

The containers lost overboard have been identified as 11 x 40 ft. (HC) , 1 x 40 ft. (Open Top) and 1x 40 ft. (with citrus fruit) and another 25 CTU on board have sustained damage.

MSC has confirmed the contents of the containers as general cargo ranging from cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, machinery shafts and agricultural supplies. No lost container contained any IMDG (dangerous) cargo or marine pollutants.

Reportedly the vessel was drifting and awaiting berthing instructions when a huge swell struck the vessel and caused the vessel to roll about +/- 30 degrees roll on either side thus leading to the containers falling off their stacked position.

Captain Saroor Ali, SAMSA’s Principal Officer, has confirmed that declared IMDG containers (dangerous goods containers) as per vessel’s stowage plan were on board in their respective positions.

The vessel berthed on Thursday evening and SAMSA has initiated an investigation on the incident.

Media Release issued on behalf of the South African Maritime Safety Authority (Samsa)