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Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality would like to inform residences and businesses that water distribution might be negatively affected.

As our technicians and plumbers started repairs on an excessive leak early this morning they experienced challenges to break through a substantial amount of concrete to remove the old pipe.

This pipeline is a feed to a reservoir therefore did not immediately affect consumers. However as a precaution we would like inform the public that if there are further unexpected delays it could result in the reservoir level being depleted before we can restore supply to that reservoir.

The reservoir storage is expected to be sufficient until the early hours of Wednesday the 4th of September, consumers must please use this sparingly as to preserve the storage as long as possible.

Currently we are expecting to be complete by midnight.

Areas that could experience low pressure or disruptions include:
Parts of Walmer
Walmer Downs
Mangold Park
Glen Hurd
Newton Park
Parts of Cotsworld
Parts of Schauderville
Mill Park
Parts of Central
Mount Croix
The situation will be monitored and water tankers will be made available if reservoir storage levels deplete, their positions will be communicated throughout municipal social media and can also be enquired from 0800205050.

Issued by Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality.