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World Aids Day!


After the realization of the devastating effects caused by HIV/AIDS to our communities but especially to children & our young youths, GIVE A CHILD HOPE was born out of the desire to bring HIV/AIDS awareness especially to sexually active youths as they are the ones who are most at risk of contracting the diseases& to break the stigma that surrounds children affected &affected by HIV/AIDS Harambe an NGO that deals with youth’s development & job placement for youths around South Africa in partnership with Greystone Accountants decided to host an event on the 24TH November2018 on World AIDS day. This is a day where people from all walks of life, families, churches, businesses, schools, departments & Other stakeholders join forces to commemorate those who have died of HIV/AIDS , finding ways & means to curb this deadly diseases , & give a helping hand to those affected & infected by the dreadful disease . It is one of the great experiences to remember world AIDS DAY & this year we intend to do it in a relaxed, fun & joyful manner.
The event intends to achieve the following:
• Raise funds for children affected & infected by HIV/AIDS
• To buy medication for children infected by HIV
• To buy school accessories for children orphaned & infected HIV/AIDS
• HIV/AIDS awareness & testing
• To encourage safe sex
• To encourage abstinence


World AIDS Day is observed each year on December 1st and is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV, and remember those who have died & those who are infected &affected by HIV/AIDS. Started in1988, World AIDS Day was the first ever global health day. This day brings an opportunity for people to work actively and collaboratively with partners around the world to raise awareness about HIV and help us move closer to the goal of an AIDS-free generation. This year Harambee in partnership with Greystone accountants hope to celebrate this day with friends, families, communities, cooperates, churches etc through an event dubbed “GIVE A CHILD HOPE’
The idea is a day were to adults, young people, the disadvantaged, the affected & the infected will have fun but also being educated about HIV/AIDS.

The event will host:

Kids’ games
Corporate team building games
Fear factor games
HIV/AIDS Testing centers & blood donation centers
Olympics (sports)
Food trucks
HIV/AIDS awareness information
10km RED Cross Charity fun run for adults & 3km Red fun run for kids
Lots of crazy games to be played


 Children affected & infected by HIV/AIDS
 Orphanages that cater children infected by HIV/AIDS

Samaritan’s Children’s Home

Samaritan’s children’s home is one of the intended beneficiaries of the GIVE A CHILD HOPE FUN FAIR, they house 40 children between the ages of 0-18 yrs who are HIV/AIDS positive who were abandoned by their parents after the realization that they were HIV positive , recently they acquire a farm and they intend to build accommodation and administration blocks, & also to start income generating projects that will sustain the orphanage and also supply the community with supplies from the farm , of which they don’t have enough money to build the place & to start the income generating projects hence they will benefit a portion of the funds raised so that they at least start with their project and realize their dream of having this farm which will be a lifeline for the Samaritan’s Children’s home & the HIV Positive orphans .the total amount needed for this project is R3 Million .

Targeted audience for the event

 Cooperates (their management, employees & their families
 Surrounding community
 Churches& their congregates
 Friends
 Schools(administration & students)
 TVETS( administration & students)
 University(administration and students)
 Government & municipal departments( management & employees)
 Individuals
 Various groups & forums
 Crèches

Expected number of attendance

We expect to have a huge crowd to attend the event, given the amount of marketing we intend to do for the event & our targeted market.
This is a time where parents /guardians can spend quality time with their children & their loved ones in a relaxed, safe, enjoyable moment. It’s a time where communities show concern to those in need
We intend to invite senior citizens from various old people’s homes who have made to be there not by choice but circumstances which is HIV/AIDS.
We also intend to invite children infected by HIV/AIDS & Child headed families, crèches from the poor of the poorest communities to be part of this fun but educational event.
We will have games ranging from , corporate team building games, the Olympics, kids games, food trucks, HIV testing centers, blood donation centers & lots & lots of crazy games.

GIVE A CHILD HOPE will take place on the 24th November 2018 at Victoria Park next To Victoria High. The event will commence in the morning at 8am till 14:30pm.
All proceeds will be donated to various charity organizations but those who are dealing with children infected by HIV/AIDS.
Companies & well wishers can donate, groceries, toys, school accessories, money & anything they deem necessary to the cause.
We hope to partner with as many partners as possible to have this event a success.

Short term goals
It Is a sad reality that most of our young women indulge in sex so that they are able to look after their families risking them from getting infected by HIV/AIDS GIVE A CHILD HOPE will identify girls & young women who are unemployed & give them the opportunity to employment hence cutting down the risk of promiscuity which will lead to contracting HIV/AIDS.

Our wish this year is to bring different people from all walks of life to be part of this great event & make a positive impact to those living positively living with AIDS, to those affected by HIV/AIDS & To Instill a sense of discipline especially to our sexually active youths.