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R50 billion in investment by 2014 is Coega target


The Coega Development Corporation is aiming to have secured total investment of R50 billion (cumulative total) by the end of 2014 with 100 businesses operating in the industrial development zone and the Nelson Mandela Bay Logistics Park.
In terms...

Mandela Bay to explore several projects with Gothenburg


(Source: Metro Minutes) Deputy-Mayor Nancy Sihlwayi will lead a delegation to Gothenburg this month to explore possible partnerships in a number of areas, including inner city development, transportation, sustainable energy and climate change.

One million kilometers - one owner - one car


After a million kilometres of fault-free motoring and accident-free driving in a South Africanbuilt 2004 Volkswagen Polo, veteran salesman Gerrie Esterhuizen has had the question he has been asking for months answered.

“We always wondered what...