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Enterprise Development Programme

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ED Programme is key to local small business development

THE Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber Enterprise Development (ED) Programme is a multifaceted programme combining mentorship and skills training programmes to develop small businesses.

Its key outcome is enabling participants with the understanding of the key elements of being market ready, growing their businesses and creating sustainable jobs while providing participants with supportive and effective mentoring.

The Programme achieves this through offering an effective combination of skills development as well as combining core and elective courses through classroom training, soft skills and informational workshops.


The programme is open to all small businesses across all sectors within the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro.


The Enterprise Development phase participants who graduated on May 12, with some of the mentors and sponsors.

To download the application form for the 6th phase of the ED Programme, Click HERE

To download the invite of the 6th phase of the ED Programme, Click HERE

For more information, contact Enterprise Development Programme Administrative Assistant, Sinazo Yekiwe, via telephone on 041 373 1122 or admin@nmbbusinesschamber.co.za


The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber Enterprise Development Programme is brought you by: 

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The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber’s SME Task Team has embarked on an SME Pro Bono Service Opportunity Programme to create a formal structure for businesses to transact through identifying members willing to offer pro bono services or advice to other members and, in return, this engagement will help the service provider further its networking potential.

Task Teams

Benefits to participating Service Providers include:

• Develop future business opportunities and a new client pipeline;
• Showcase good corporate citizenship and encourage collaboration;
• Contribute to the Service Providers’ scorecards;
• Recognition of Service Providers on Business Chamber platforms.

The focus areas for the first phase of the Pro Bono Service Opportunity Programme are limited to the following areas: legal, tax, human resources/labour best practice, accounting and financial systems, automation systems, and marketing/access to markets.

The first phase of the programme is set to run from October this year. SMEs will be matched with appropriate Service Providers.
Qualification criteria for SMEs:

• First 40 SMEs on a first come first served basis, with a maximum of 10 per functional area.
• Businesses who are deemed to be SMEs as per Dti definition of business with turnover under R10-million per annum;
• Must be current members (i.e. full subscriptions paid) of the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber in the year services are required.
• In good standing with legislative requirements of tax clearance certificate.
• Acceptance to enter into and sign a legally binding pro bono service agreement.
• Participation in the program is strongly encouraged, but is voluntary.

For more information, please contact Task Team Co-ordinator, Bev Mattheus at taskteams@nmbbusinesschamber.co.za

The National Youth Development Agency

The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) has implemented a grant programme which could be exactly what your business needs as a young entrepreneur. All programmes of the NYDA are initiated with the intention of taking them to scale and thereafter handing them over to their custodians, be it in the public or private sector. This initiative that was started in order to encourage our communities and make visible the entrepreneurial activity in those areas.When possible, the NYDA often invites members of the media, the Mayor, Ward Councillors, LED Officers, Community Development Officers, other sector departments, youth structures that operate in the area and community members to bear witness and publicly pledge their support to the youth-owned enterprises to which we have advanced financial and non-financial support.


To read more about some of the success stories if the current financial year, please click here.

To know more about the initiative, please click here.

To view the NYDA corporate profile, please click here.

The Business Place Training Schedule made available for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs.

The Business Place is a national network of business information and referral centres. It offers a friendly, accessible walk-in environment where aspiring and existing entrepreneurs can go and access information and support relating to small businesses. The model is a collaboration between Government, the Private Sector and Local Communities with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship and the creation of sustainable businesses

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To learn more about the Business Place Training Schedule, please CLICK HERE

Small Business Knowledge Bank