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Certificates of Origin

As an accredited chamber, the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber signs certificates of origin for business in Nelson Mandela Bay.  

Formal Undertaking and Letter of Authority for Certificates of Origin

To download the template for Formal Undertaking and the Letter of Authority for Certificates of Origin, please click Here

This application is relevant to business within South Africa. Should you require additional information please email coo@nmbbusinesschamber.co.za

Certificates of Origin process checklist

  • The letter of Authority /Formal Undertaking is submitted
  • Documents submitted for certification have been signed by authorised signatory
  • Correctness in terms of required content has been ensured
  • Consistency of information in the supporting documents has been confirmed, and it corresponds to the original in every respect
  • The signature is an original and that signatory is authorised on behalf of exporter
  • The documents have been signed in black ink
  • The name and address of the export is correctly given
  • The shipping marks are indicated
  • The description and other details tally with those on the invoice
  • The invoice price tallies with the certificate
  • On strength of signed affidavit, certify document

All certificates that are dropped off between 08:30 and 12:00 will be available on the same day after 14:00.
All application forms must be collected from our offices

What is a Certificate of Origin?

A specific form (printed document) identifying goods in which the authority or issuer certifies expressly that the goods to which the certificate relates originate in a specific country.

Documentary evidence of origin – a Certificate of Origin is a certified declaration of origin or a declaration of origin.

Reasons for Certificate of Origin:

Financial requirements – may be requested by issuing bank in terms of a documentary L/C (letter of credit)

EU funded overseas projects- sponsored projects may stipulate that goods must be bought from EU member state.

Buyer Preference- The buyer may have a preference as to where goods are bought. This will normally be stipulated in contract.

Import Control- Importing country may have specific regulations (health, public order, quota) for certain goods, also duties, anti dumping etc.

Customs Requirement- Customs may require evidence of origin prior to clearing goods –sanctions. Also for evidence on preferential duty rates- Agreements & cases of suspected fraud.


Certificates of Origin, General Information

Certificates of Origin Rates



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Do I need one?

A Certificate of Origin is a document which states the origin of goods being exported and this 'origin' is a key requirement for applying tariff and other important criteria.