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Become a member and show your support in driving the future of business forward!

The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber has been the forefront of business in the Bay for over 150 years and it will continue to drive business forward with the support of our members.

Download a Membership Application Form here.

Why should you become a member?

The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber is a leading catalyst for economic development. It has been the heartbeat of business success in the region for over 150 years. The Business Chamber is driven by a team of dedicated volunteers and staff, lobbying on issues that affect the ease of doing business and companies' sustainability. We offer networking opportunities and value-added services. We need the support of our members in order to build the voice of business and reap the rewards for sustainable business success in an enabling environment.

Member Testimonial

Babalwa New Member

Babalwa Desi, Consulting Industrial Psychologist & Managing Director of Desi Industrial Psychologists, recently signed up as a New Member of the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber. She had the following to say about her reasons for joining:

"The insights I got confirmed that this is indeed an opportune time for me to take my business to another level. I am the eternal victim of self-doubt among other things. However, the reflection enabled me to refine my view of what I have to offer business, having all the acquired industry experience and specialised training. I look forward to partnering with The Business Chamber, as we all try to influence a shift for our city to move to greater heights. At the same time I hope to leverage on all opportunities to grow my business brand as a contributor of substance in industry."


PERLUSHA HOOKA, Partner & Member Relations Liaison

Businesses who would like to find out more about joining the Business Chamber, can contact us to schedule a meeting with our Partner & Member Relations Liaison, Perlusha Naidoo, at members@nmbbusinesschamber.co.za or call 063 117 4794 / 041 373 1122.

The Business Chamber welcomes all our existing and new members in 2017 and hope you will be part of our movement to create a competitive enabling business environment.

Serving our members

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This is what our members have to say about us:

In a recent Membership Survey, 96% of respondents said they would recommend becoming a member of the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber to fellow businesses.

97% of respondents rated the overall effectiveness of the Business Chamber in delivering upon its objectives as either effective (65%) or highly effective (32%).

Why do our members belong to the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber? 

1) Because of the Business Chamber’s lobbying and advocacy role: 13.56%
2) For the value-added services, e.g. events and networking opportunities: 26.27%
3) Because it is the authoritative voice of business in the region: 14.41%
4) All of the above: 61.86%

Member Offer

Business Chamber members get discounted flights through SAA

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