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Task Teams

The Chamber’s task teams provide each and every member with a platform for action. Each task team acts as a forum for the interaction of business leaders with each other, and with role-players in local government, parastatals, education, NGOs and others, in order to address issues critical to economic growth and development in Nelson Mandela Bay. The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber’s highly valued volunteer groups are the organisation’s action arm - the enablers for creating an environment for business to grow. The Task Teams offer an effective platform where business experts can interact with one another and with important role-players to address issues that are critical to the economic growth and development of Nelson Mandela Bay. These volunteer experts advise the Chamber of risks, problems and challenges in the business environment - and usually bring solutions to the table, as well. All Chamber members are welcome to participate in the Task Teams.


Active and passionate, the SME Development task team recognizes the need to develop and support SMEs as the lifeblood of the economy in the Eastern Cape. The interim Task Team leadership team of Peter Grant and Jeremiah Klaas have ensured that the team meets and deals with matters that relate to the SME sector. Nominations will be called for a new leadership team for the Task Team and the implementation of the agreed goals to commence. The integration of the focus on Enterprise Development will also receive attention. The team looks forward to working with the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber Board in driving the concerns of small and medium business in the city.

Current focus: 

  • To help SME owners overcome the challenges associated with running a small business, including the process of tendering and securing funding for business. 
  • To assume the role of a lobby group on issues affecting SMEs in the Metro.

Strategic Resources forum

Tackling as they do issues surrounding water and electricity supply, the focus of the Strategic Resources forum is key to business operations in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro. Led by Angus Clark of General Motors South Africa, this group consists of plant engineers, representatives of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality’s water and electricity departments, Eskom, the Department of Water Affairs. The team has enjoyed success in its flagship Adopt A School project, which saw businesses assist local schools in water conservation through plumbing repair and conservation education.

Current focus:

  • To secure the quality and supply of water and electricity to the region, and the maintenance of both. 
  • To share best practice in the industrial use of strategic resources. 
  • Electrical demand management, electrical infrastructure upgrades and quality of supply monitoring, as well as funding for infrastructure and the urgent need for the increase of supply capacity.

Transport and Logistics

This Task Team is represented on both the local and national Ports Consultative Committees.The goals of the Chamber’s Transport and Logistics task team include the development of a maritime industry, the improvement of existing infrastructure, and the optimization of logistics corridors already in place. Lance Petersen of Lochhead, White & Womersley heads up a group of people representing the shipping, freight and logistics industries, Transnet, the Coega Development Corporation, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality transport and roads departments, SANRAL, and the provincial transport department. The task team advocates the improvement of transport modalities and infrastructure by increasing efficiency and effectiveness, thereby contributing to the economic growth and social development of the region.

Mission Statements:

This task team consists of working groups focused on Road, Rail, Ports and Air.

• Develop the North / South rail corridor / optimize logistics corridors;
• Infrastructure development (new) and improvement (existing).

Sustainability and Renewable Energy

The Greening Business and the Renewable Energy task teams have amalgamated to form an inclusive and coherent volunteer group that looks at addressing the issues and needs of business specific to renewable energy and sustainable, ‘green’ business practices. Led by Wendy McCallum of Strategic EDGE Solutions, their aim is to establish an efficient mechanism to share information, best practices and new trends with business on RE solutions and benefits.

In addition, this group is responsible for the review of environmental practices within member companies. The team is focused on developing a good relationship with the environmental directorate at the municipality, and has engaged with civil society on behalf of the Business Chamber.Led by Wendy McCallum (Strategic EDGE Solutions) in the first two quarters of this year the task team has focused on redefining its core goals as well as establishing a Working Group per goal to pursue action items required to realize the defined goals.

Core goals: 

• Development of database of opportunities for local suppliers, including ‘green’ products and services;
• Encourage businesses located in the Eastern Cape to utilize available RE technologies and implement green business practices (especially locally produced technologies);
• Promotion of the RE industry;
• Share information & best practice via the Chamber’s various communication platforms. 

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