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Task Teams

New task teams announced in 2016

The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber is in the process of establishing a new structure of six task teams for 2016. The task teams consist of volunteers who are passionate about the sustainability of business in the city of Nelson Mandela Bay. Known as the Action Arm of the Business Chamber, the task teams have traditionally been the enablers of creating an environment for business to grow in.

Contact Bev Mattheus on taskteams@nmbbusinesschamber.co.za or 041 373 1122 to join a Task Team or for more information. 

Water Task Team 

An estimated 45 billion litres of drinking water is wasted per year in Nelson Mandela Bay, due to rampant and unattended water leaks. One of the main goals of the Water Task Team is to reduce this wastage in the metro by championing a repairs programme in the city. Other goals of our task team are to assure a secure water supply with consistent quality for businesses and residents in Nelson Mandela Bay. 

Is your water consumption high? 

Water Consumption

Electricity Task Team

The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber has over the past year positioned itself as the authoritative, national voice of business on pertinent issues of the cost, quality and security of supply of electricity in South Africa and the city of Nelson Mandela Bay. Our task team members have presented our case at public hearings and in court, since electricity is a crucial element that affects the sustainability of our member companies. 

Is your electricity consumption high? 

Electricty Supply

Roads and Storm Water Task Team

Addressing concerns regarding the upgrade and maintenance of key roads in and around the Metro has always been a lobbying role of the Business Chamber. A recent win for the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber was the announcement that the Addo road – a crucial road connecting exporters and tourist operators in the Sundays River Valley with the Metro – would be upgraded, after years of deterioration of the road.   

Transport and Logistics

Nelson Mandela Bay boasts two harbours at Coega and in Port Elizabeth, an international airport, a functioning freight rail system and a network of logistics companies in our shores. The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber wants to ensure the further development of these transport and logistics hubs to meet the needs of the city and to optimise our existing logistics corridors.

Metro Collaboration

Strong Metro Collaboration is needed to address various areas of concern and unite the public and private sector in Nelson Mandela Bay under the common goal of growing the city’s economy. We enjoy a good working relationship with the Nelson Mandela Municipality and the task team will cement this reciprocal relationship to grow the city as a competitive and sustainable investment destination.

Please note that the Metro Collaboration Task Team is a closed group. 


Fifty percent of new businesses fail within the first two years of operating as a business. However, it often surprises our members to know that the majority of the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber member companies are small to medium sized businesses. The Business Chamber wants to help streamline this business environment by facilitating access to markets, coordinating skills development and promoting entrepreneurship.

Please note that the SME Task Team is a closed group.  

View the 2016 Task Team Focal Areas here. 

Metro Water Usage

Waterjpg October Average daily usage: 314.77 Ml per day

Average dam level: 63%

The Action Arm of the Chamber

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