BayGrow is the NMB Business Chamber’s initiative to effectively promote trade and investment within Nelson Mandela Bay.


Our services cover the four key elements of the Bay’s trade and investment strategy:

  • Investor One-Stop-Shop – we help existing and potential investors in Nelson Mandela Bay with information, facilitation, and aftercare services all in one place.
  • Business Helpdesk – we help businesses cut red tape and lower the cost of doing business in the Bay.
  • Research Unit – we produce and interpret relevant research and statistics to help businesses make informed business and investment decisions.
  • Investment Promotion – we provide compelling reasons why the Bay might be the best place to make your next investment, locate your business, or have your next conference or holiday.


Success stories

At the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber, we believe that: “industry attracts industry”. What this means is that positive outcomes/developments for emerging investors and established businesses are the most sustainable and sincerest form of destination marketing and investment promotion for our city-region.

Since launching in June 2018, BayGrow has already assisted over 100 investors and business leaders with advice and information and will strive to have an even greater impact on local economic development and competitiveness in future.


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BayGrow Investor One-Stop-Shop
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Latest insights from BayGrow

A wealth of knowledge on doing business in the Bay (12 May 2020)

BayGrow aims to provide all the info and advice you need to make informed business decisions in Nelson Mandela Bay.
We are currently uploading some of our most requested research and reports for your consideration.

 "Open for business": Launch of BayGrow digital platform (12 May 2020)

We are proud to announce the official launch of BayGrow’s digital platform -- available to the businesses and investors of the Bay.



Research & publications

Some of our most recent in-house reports:

The long-term economic impact of water security in Nelson Mandela Bay   (22 June 2020) 

Provides an investor-focused summary of a two-year study simulating the long-term impact of water scarcity and water security on the economy of Nelson Mandela Bay.

Statistical release: How many businesses are there in Nelson Mandela Bay    (22 June 2020)

Provides key figures and estimates of the size and composition of Nelson Mandela Bay's business community (or ‘business population’), as at December 2019.

Economic Overview: Nelson Mandela Bay   (15 May 2020)

Provides an investor-focused overview of the economy and investment climate of Nelson Mandela Bay. Provides the latest facts and figures on the performance and composition of local industry and exports, as well as highlighting key trends in socio-economic data such as population growth and human capital.

"Target market": how many people live and work in Nelson Mandela Bay?   (15 May 2020)

Provides key figures and estimates on the size of Nelson Mandela Bay's population and labour force.

Impact of COVID-19 and the national lockdown on Nelson Mandela Bay's business sector   (15 May 2020)

Latest results from an on-going study which reflects the extent to which the local business sector has been impacted over the period: 30 March – 22 April 2020. Complements research produced at a national and provincial level. 

Crime trends of Nelson Mandela Bay   (11 May 2020)

Highlights key short and long term trends in Nelson Mandela Bay's criminal activity, compiling police (SAPS) data reported at station-level for 2018/19. 



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