Business Chamber congratulates new CEO of Coega Development Corporation



Khwezi Tiya appointed as new Chief Executive Officer of Coega Development Corporation

The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber congratulates Khwezi Tiya on his appointment as the new CEO of Coega Development Corporation (CDC).  This appointment is significant in that Tiya is a seasoned professional, who had spent the bulk of his career as a senior Executive at the CDC.  The environment within which businesses operate requires a leader who will hit the ground running.  His extensive experience at the agency, coupled with the corporate banking experience he has gained since he left CDC, will stand him in good stead. 

Coega Development Corporation – mandated to develop and operate the Coega Special Economic Zone – is one of foremost vehicles available for advancing socioeconomic development in Nelson Mandela Bay and the broader Eastern Cape. In many ways, Coega holds the hope of many Eastern Cape people with regards to unlocking the great potential of the region, creating many business opportunities; as well as creating jobs.

The return of Khwezi Tiya to the region, coupled with the new role occupied by his predecessor, Pepi Silinga at Transnet Port Terminal (TPT) is a big boost - as there’s a symbiotic relationship between both entities. While we are cognizant that Silinga’s role is national, we are encouraged by the fact he has first hand knowledge of Coega.  We equally congratulate Silinga on his new role, as CEO of TPT.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber has a long-standing history with the CDC, as that is where it was conceived, decades ago. Through strong leadership and management of the SEZ, the CDC has been designed to kick-start industrial activity and new economic sectors locally while promoting the transfer of foreign technologies and skills to the regional economy.

For the last two decades, Coega has proven itself to be South Africa’s most distinguished SEZ and has significantly contributed to improving the overall investment climate in the city-region by lowering transaction costs for foreign direct investment, increasing the ease of doing business for exporters, and streamlining administrative procedures such as the time required to set up operations.

Coega can and should be regarded as both an economic enabler and a competitive investment location which has attracted and facilitated foreign investment, integrated local firms into global value chains – promoting export-oriented growth and sustainable job creation.

Through new competitive advantages, high-quality infrastructure, and robust environmental and social standards, I believe that the CDC can continue to increase its effectiveness in attracting investment as well as increasing the sustainability of its investors’ operations and employment opportunities.

We look forward to working closely with Khwezi Tiya and his team in taking the Eastern Cape economy to the next level - as we focus on economic recovery.


Business Chamber CEO,

Nomkhita Mona