Latest insights from BayGrow

Latest insights from BayGrow


Vaccine Hesitancy Report   24 May 2022

Businesses Resilience Report 24 May 2022

Business 2 Business Support Assessment Full Report 1 June 2022

EDP Improvement Survey Report 20221 June 2022

Nelson Mandela Bays Economic Significance_1 June 2022

NMBs Export Significance1 June 2022

BayGrow aims to provide all the info and advice you need to make informed business decisions in Nelson Mandela Bay.
We are currently uploading some of our most requested research and reports for your consideration.

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Research & publications

Some of our most recent in-house reports:

Impact of loadshedding on business (March 2023)

South African Chart Pack (September 2021)
An economic overview (Global, macro & markets) from RMB

Economic baseline and comparative analysis (August 2021)

The economic impact of water insecurity (August 2021)

Economic growth outlook Eastern Cape   (13 November 2020)
Provides key historical trends and forecasts of the economic performance (GDP growth) of the Eastern Cape, relative to South Africa as a whole.

Tourist activity in Nelson Mandela Bay, 2013-2019   (13 November 2020)
Provides key figures and trends around the size and composition of Nelson Mandela Bay’s base of foreign and domestic visitors.




anassessmentofthenelsonmandelabaymetropolitaneconomy (20 May 2022)

nmbsexportsignificance (18 May 2022)

finalreportforpartabusinessesresilience (17 May 2022)

finalreportonpartbvaccinehesitancy (17 May 2022) 

A wealth of knowledge on doing business in the Bay (12 May 2020)

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