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Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber

Events Department

The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber provides a number of services to business in support of our overall strategy. Chief among these is the platform for networking, education and development provided by events hosted by the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber.

Our flagship events – the Business Chamber Golf Day, Annual General Meeting, Ladies’ Breakfast, and Business Chamber Banquet – are highlights on the Bay’s business and social calendar.

Regular coffee mornings, workshops and seminars continue to draw Chamber members and non-members alike. Such events not only expose our members to high calibre speakers and experts in a number of fields, they provide vital opportunities for networking between business owners and representatives.

Throughout the year, we offer opportunities to sponsor or host events with us at various costs. We do all the marketing and organising of the event, which entails:

  • Compiling an invitation with your company logo and the sponsors’ logos.
  • Marketing and distributing the event notice to the relevant target market as well as the Business Chamber membership.
  • Receiving the RSVPs and the compilation of an attendance list (You will receive this list and any feedback on the event).
  • Manning the registration desk (including name tags).
  • Liaising with the venue regarding catering, dietary requirements and audio visual equipment.
  • Liaising with the speaker to ensure that the requirements are met.

BenefIts of hosting an event with the Chamber:

  • Hosting the event in partnership with the Business Chamber.
  • Businessmen/women attending and being exposed to your brand.
  • Logo/image on the invite.
  • Event loaded to our website, electronic calendar and social media sites.
  • Branding in the venue (banners, brochures, etc).
  • Opportunity to engage with members and indirectly promote your services and brand.
  • Post branding in our Infocom magazine, website and/or social media sites.

Types of events you can host:

  • Coffee Morning

    A coffee morning takes place from 08:30 to 10:30 at the Business Chamber Boardroom. A maximum of 40 attendees can be seated in cinema style. We usually have between 30 and 40 attendees depending on the topic. The catering (finger snacks), coffee and tea will be served outside in the foyer. The coffee and tea served are included in the coffee morning price but companies can choose to organise catering for their attendees.

  • Business Breakfast

    A business breakfast provides a platform to share informative business topics and encourage networking between members and company representatives. A business breakfast takes place from 07:45 for 08:00 to about 11:00 (depending on the programme) at a venue chosen by the client. The number of attendees at a business breakfast varies from 50 to 200, depending on the topic. The venue hire and catering costs are for the company’s account.

  • Boardroom Hire

    We hire our boardroom to businesses for smaller meetings, workshops or exclusive events. Our facilities are ideal for groups up to 40 people in various seating styles. Our venue is air-conditioned and no additional sound equipment is necessary in the space provided. We have catering menus available or you are welcome to bring your own. The data projector, clicker, speaker, flipchart, pens and podium are included in the Boardroom Hire Fee.

Can you afford not to take up these fantastic opportunities? Contact us today to book your event.