What to expect

We have different corporate partner packages, depending on the package to which the member chooses to upgrade. Some packages are due to Trade Exchange agreements.

We encourage members to attend and participate in Business Chamber events and utilise the services as per their needs. Through this, members will be able to get the full value of being a member.

So where does the value really lie?

Once becoming a member of the chamber, many doors in the business world start opening for you and your business. 


Your fees amount depends on the number of permanent staff that are in your company. That determines which category you fall under and then shows us what amount you should be paying. This is standard, unless you become a partner or form a Tradex (trade agreement) with the Business Chamber. Partners pay as per their package of different benefits and sponsorship. Tradex’s differ according to the contract benefits and agreement.


You can expect to receive different platforms that will aid your business’s growth. These platforms include: networking events, marketing sessions, informative events, business analyses and many more. The Business Chamber provides these platforms and you need to take the opportunity to use them.

So: why the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber?

Our city is beautiful, but there is a lot more that needs to be done within it. The Business Chamber is a company that drives plans that will change the Metro. There are any success stories that come out of what we do. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of the change?

Examples of what we have done: Created a How To Build A City series of events where we discuss ways in which we can better and build the city; Created a task team platform where issues within the city (regarding water, electricity, SMES and more) can be acknowledged and plans can be created and implemented to help better the city; championed a project that helped gain more air access from our city and much more.

So the question actually is: why not join the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber?