Business Chamber to Encourage its Members to Assist with Fixing Bay Potholes



Nelson Mandela Bay's severe neglect of road infrastructure prompts Business Chamber to call on members to assist.

The debilitating state of Nelson Mandela Bay’s road infrastructure due to severe neglect has prompted the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber to reach out to its member companies to assist in repairing potholes near their premises through approved municipal service providers.

The Business Chamber has had ongoing engagements with the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality to highlight the devastating state of the city’s arteries and to advise it on how the private sector could intervene.

To this end, the municipality has advised the Business Chamber that they have a priority list of damaged roads that they are working on, which means not all roads will be fixed at the same time.  Further engagement between the Business Chamber and the Metro is underway to determine which roads fall outside the priority list that the Business Chamber members can assist with. 

The two entities have agreed, in principle, that assistance from the business sector would go a long way in speedily addressing the unsightly and dangerous potholes which are not only a danger to motorists, but also a deterrent to existing and potential investments. Zama Kele, who represents the Metro in the Business Chamber’s Infrastructure Task Team, said a meeting would be arranged between the NMBM and Business Chamber, including the chairperson, to discuss the requirements of the proposal required.

“The municipality has internal challenges relating to resources and this is the reason for outsourcing, along with procurement challenges, which are being currently addressed.” 

The situation has become so dire that some of the key economic routes in the city have been badly affected, while residents have been forced to fill potholes with soil around their communities.

As the Business Chamber, we recognise the capacity challenges the municipality is facing and thus, we have extended our assistance to the Metro to provide expert advice and solutions where we possibly can. We cannot promote the Metro as a preferred investment destination when the municipality is failing to attend to the city’s basic infrastructure needs.  

We have taken note of the recent remarks made by the MMC for Roads and Transport Cllr Rosie Daaminds who committed to “fixing all the potholes by December”. However, we will be assisting where we can to speed up the process. Through our member companies, we are also looking into extending our assistance through donating garbage bins as part of our city-wide Clean City Campaign.

Our intervention is informed by the lack of garbage collection and the upkeep of public spaces which have created a fertile ground for widespread illegal dumping.

A meeting with the municipality’s Public Health Director is on the cards to discuss the finer details of the plan and to investigate how far we can further assist.  

Our concern extends beyond how the lack of service delivery in the city affects businesses, but also how it impacts our immediate communities and the city’s image.

The Business Chamber is thus calling on all businesses that are able to assist in these initiatives to get in touch with Justine taskteams@nmbbusinesschamber.co.za


Nomkhita Mona

Chief Executive Officer