Terms and Conditions


1. By either Party submitting any personal information to the other, the disclosing Party unconditionally and voluntarily, consents to the processing of the submitted personal information for the following purposes:

1.1 Company registration number for auditing purposes;
1.2 Client contact details for Communication/practical purposes;
1.3 BBBEE status and other industry/legislative related certifications for service related purposes;
1.4 The use of all photographical or electronic media images of the parties to be shared to third pirates or published on social media, for the purposes of marketing and branding, and any other related purposes

2. The parties agree and consent that its personal information may be processed by, or on behalf of, either of the Parties for the purposes set out above.

3. The parties shall implement and maintain effective security safeguards that includes, but is not limited to, administrative, technical, and physical safeguards, and appropriate technical and organizational measures, in each case, adequate to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal information, and to protect against any anticipated risks to the security and integrity of personal information, protect against unauthorized access to or use of personal information, protect personal information against unlawful processing or processing otherwise than in accordance with this agreement, and protect against accidental loss, destruction, damage, alteration, or disclosure of personal information.

4. Without limiting the foregoing, such safeguards and measures shall be appropriate to protect against the harm that may result from unauthorized or unlawful processing, use or disclosure, or accidental loss, destruction, or damage to, or of Personal Information and the nature of the Personal Information, and shall maintain all safeguard measures as is required by POPI.

5. In the event of any actual, suspected, or alleged breach, including, but not limited to, loss, damage, destruction, theft, unauthorized use, access to or disclosure of any Personal Information, each Party shall:

5.1 Notify the other Party as soon as is practicable after becoming aware of such event;
5.2 Provide the other Party with all information regarding the breach in the Party’s knowledge and possession to allow the Party to ascertain what has occurred and which Personal Information has been affected;
5.3 Promptly take whatever action is necessary, at each Party’s own expense, to minimise the impact of such event and prevent from recurring


1. Notice of resignation of membership must be in writing and received by Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber one month prior to renewal date. Failing this, the full subscription fee for the year will be payable.

2. Subscription Fees are payable immediately on joining Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber. Subscriptions are calculated on an annual basis and cannot be refunded.

3. Thereafter fees are payable within 30 days of issue of the annual renewal invoice. Should membership fees not be paid timorously, Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber reserves the right to suspend membership benefits

4. Membership shall be granted subject to approval of the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber Board.

5. It is the member’s responsibility to inform Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber, in writing of any changes within the member’s organisation viz. change of address, telephone numbers, staff changes, etc.

6. Members may use the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber logo to indicate membership of the Chamber, but not to suggest Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber endorsement of any product or service. Permission to use the logo must be requested from Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber, which must be informed of and approve all uses of the logo.


The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber is committed to, and promotes, high standards of business ethics and sound corporate governance. Every member, on joining the Chamber, undertakes to observe our Code of Business Ethics.

  • We accept the competitive private enterprise system as the best means of ensuring that the requirements of the customer are fully and faithfully met, in terms of price, quality, variety and service.
  • We further accept that the foundation of business should be integrity, fair dealing and efficient service.
  • We stand for fair competition and reject all acts characterized by bad faith, deception, fraud, oppression or bribery.
  • We accept that representation of goods and services should be truthfully made and scrupulously fulfilled.
  • We undertake to avoid all untruthful or misleading statements in publicity or advertising.
  • We accept this code in toto and agree to submit controversies arising thereunder to settlement by voluntary agreement and within the disciplines of the Chamber.

As a member of the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber, we subscribe to this Code of Business Ethics and undertake to pay the stipulated fees and abide by the terms and conditions as laid down by the Nelson Mandela Bay Chamber of Business.