Events Overview
The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber provides a number of services to businesses in support of our overall strategy. Chief among these is the platform for networking, education and development provided by events hosted by Chamber.

Flagship Events

Our annual flagship events are highlights on the Bay’s business and social calendar.

These include:

  • Annual Golf Day
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Annual Ladies’ Breakfast
  • Annual Banquet

Networking Events

We offer these as virtual events on various platforms, partnering with Member Companies, to present the following:

Regular coffee mornings

A Coffee Morning is an information session that includes 40 to 50 attendees at either the Business Chamber offices or the client’s office. Attendees arrive, register have coffee/tea and muffins and then sit in cinema style as they listen to a short presentation. The NMBBC organises the event on behalf of our member client.

The organising fee covers the following elements:

  • Designing of the invite (with member client approval)
  • Sending out invites and marketing the event
  • Capturing RSVPs
  • Managing registration (signing in guests, printing, and providing labels)
  • Covering the event on social media

Business Breakfast

A Business Breakfast is an information session that includes 100 to 200 attendees at an offsite venue. The NMBBC and our client will create a topic that will draw in members of the Business Chamber to attend. The topic is normally relevant in our community and should have an impact on our members.

The programme for this event usually consists of the following:

  1. Registration and Welcoming refreshments
  2. The discussion/presentation by the guest speaker
  3. Questions and Answers
  4. Breakfast is served
  5. Networking for attendees


Our webinars are for members who still love doing online events. It is very convenient for those members who are out of Nelson Mandela Bay and even for those who prefer to not leave the office. With the correct topic, we normally host up to 60 attendees.

The organising fee covers the following elements:

  • Designing of the invite (with member client approval)
  • Sending out invites and marketing the event
  • Capturing RSVPs
  • Testing links and doing technical checks
  • Providing feedback from the event and the recording of the event

Networking Events

These include the following:

  • Speed Networking – this event is a way to receive over 40 business leads within a short period of time. The event consists of fast networking where you do your 60-second elevator pitch to every person you sit across from, as well as receiving business advice and life skills in between.
  • Work and Wine – this event is a wine-tasting experience where you get to network and make new valuable business connections.
  • Cocktail Events - these are hosted by our clients and normally allow our members to be introduced to our clients while networking at a cocktail evening event.
  • New Member Welcome – this event happens 3 times a year and is for all our new members who have recently joined the Business Chamber. They get to meet our team as well as learn in depth what the Business Chamber is about. 

Event Partnership Opportunities

As a member of the Chamber, you are entitled to different corporate partner event sponsorship packages based on your company’s member status.