The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber which geographically includes the areas of Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage was, in the year 1994, previously known as the Port Elizabeth Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Business Chamber is built on a prestige lineage that can be traced to the early years of the establishment of the city of Port Elizabeth. The city which was known as a tiny primitive settlement by the 1820 settlers saw the establishment of the Port Elizabeth Chamber of Commerce in the year 1864.

The Chamber of Commerce was coupled by merchants who were actively trading with mercantile centres abroad and further took part in the importing and exporting of a range of necessities through the port; this was inclusive of products such as wool, ostrich feathers, hides and skins.

In 1917 The Midland Chamber of Industries was established and convened on representing the growing industrial sector of various manufacturers such as wool scourers, skins processors as well as vehicle assembly plants.

The Port Elizabeth Chamber of Commerce merged with the Midland Chamber of Industries and the two succeeded in the sharing of long and proud traditions of service to business.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber is the result of the culmination of two pillars that aimed to protect and further the economic interests of its members and facilitate an environment conducive to economic growth.

The year 2014 highlighted the Business Chambers' journey of diligent and consistent service as we celebrated 150 years as the voice of organised businesses in the city.

Throughout the progressive history, the vision of being a leading catalyst for economic development is the cornerstone of the Business Chamber philosophy and continues to encompass our values of integrity, commitment and prosperity.