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The Ease Of Doing Business

The ease of doing business is an important aspect in creating a conducive environment for business to thrive. The Business Chamber has set up a Help Desk to assist members with any obstacles they encounter with respect to ease of doing business.

The elements include the following:

  • Procedures, time, and cost to start a company in Nelson Mandela Bay.
  • Construction permits - procedures, time and cost to complete all formalities to build.
  • Electricity – getting connected to the electrical grid, whether supply is reliable, and electricity tariffs.
  • Registering a property – procedures, time and cost to transfer a property, quality of the land administration system, and building plan approval.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment – the time and cost required for environmental impact assessment (EIA) approval.
  • Infrastructure – the condition of roads and road networks.
  • Getting credit - there are effective laws and credit information systems.
  • Paying taxes - payments, time and total tax rate for a firm to comply with all tax regulations and easier processes for business development and investment.
  • Trading across borders - export of goods and services is easy; import of parts, components and inputs into the city is easy.
  • Labour market regulations - there is flexibility in employment regulation and aspects of job quality in Nelson Mandela Bay.

The objective of this value-added service is to create a database of these matters and/or issues with a view to using the information to lobby the Municipality to make sure that results are achieved.

The Doing Business report by the World Bank found that, in 2018, South Africa was ranked 82nd out of 190 economies when it comes to the ease of doing business. Within South Africa, Nelson Mandela Bay ranks as follows within the different categories measured:

Doing business in Nelson Mandela Bay


Dealing with Construction Permits

Getting Electricity

Registering Property

Enforcing Contracts

2015 (revised)










(Source: World Bank 2018)

While it may seem that red tape is only relevant to business and government, the potential ripple effect of red tape removal is immense. The World Bank report states that regulatory reform empowers the private sector “to create jobs, lift people out of poverty and create more opportunities for the economy to prosper”, while economies weighed down by bureaucratic red tape can “[stifle] entrepreneurial endeavours”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I am looking for a list of companies in a particular industry/sector.
  Contact details of all our member companies are available in our Business Directory. Enter the name of the business, or keywords relating to the business, in the search box at the top of the page. Please note that our directory consists of Chamber member companies only. The Useful Contacts section also contains a list of key organization, associations and bodies.

Q:  I am looking for a list of BEE rated companies.
  Member companies who have supplied copies of their BEE verification certificates can be identified by the symbol next to their listing in the Business Directory.  The BEE filter option appears once drilled down to company level, be it searching for all companies in a certain category, or searching for all companies using a keyword (or no keyword, thus displaying all companies).

Q:  How can I verify the authenticity of a company? 
A:  The Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry have a department dealing with nationwide company verifications, this is not a service offered by Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber. Please contact the JCCI direct to find out further details, including costs, on the verification services which they offer:, +27 11 726 5300

Q:  Who do I contact regarding customer complaints?
  It is the National Consumer Commission’s (NCC) mandate to administer the Consumer Protection Act No 68 of 2008.  A complaint form can be downloaded from their website.  The NCC’s contact details are: Tel: 0860 266 786, Fax: 0861 515 229, Email:

Q:  Can I register a company name or trademark with the Chamber?
  No, the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission’s main function is the Registration of Companies, Co-operatives and Intellectual Property Rights (trademarks, patents, designs and copyright) and maintenance thereof.  CIPC (formerly CIPRO) is also the organization to be contacted to obtain statistics on openings/closures of companies both locally and nationally.  The Commissions contact details are: Call Centre 086 100 2472, International Tel +27 12 394 9973, Fax Number: 086 517 7224, International Fax: +27 12 394 1015, Email: