Help Desk
The Ease Of Doing Business

Help Desk Overview

The Chamber offers a Help Desk to assist members with queries pertaining to municipal services and investments.

Proudly sponsored by Atlas Security, the Help Desk ensures the ease of doing business as a crucial component for a conducive business environment.

Our Help Desk plays a significant role in identifying the key areas that negatively impact businesses in the Metro.

The Business Chamber has signed a MoU with the NMBM that allows members to assist in repairing municipal infrastructure and bypass the procurement department that tends to delay municipal repairs. The Helpdesk is also responsible for tracking the MoU adoptions and capturing all completions.

Our Environment

The reality of operating a business in Nelson Mandela Bay

Cluster Linkage

The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber has 8 Geographical Clusters located in the business hubs around the city. The Clusters focus on the repairing of infrastructure in the area and sharing information relating to electricity and water issues. All issues raised through the clusters are dealt with by the Help Desk to ensure the Metro is aware of the issues and follow up on resolving the issues.

Help Desk Stats

The Helpdesk keeps track of all the queries it receives and their resolutions. This helps the team keep an eye on all the queries and know which ones to follow up on and apply pressure if needed. In case of queries that require interaction with the Mayor, City Manager or other highly-ranked officials in the Metro, the Chamber CEO gets directly involved.

Since the inception of the Help Desk, the number of queries received has grown over the years. As a result, many more members have become aware of the assistance offered by the Business Chamber.