Resurge - Wins

One of the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber's priorities is to get the city to work again with the assistance of our Task Teams, Clusters and the Help Desk.

Activist Collaboration: An Action-Orientated Approach to Pursuing Our Vision

We have adopted a more activist, collaborative and action-orientated approach in pursuing our vision of being the leading catalyst for Nelson Mandela Bay to retain and attract business. We have strong partnerships with Naamsa, the Presidential Climate Commission and the Gift of the Givers.

Broad Framework MOU to Maintain Municipal Infrastructures

The Council has approved our application for the Broad Framework MOU that allows member companies to adopt a variety of municipal infrastructures that need fixing.

Municipal Agreement for Minimal Power Supply Interruptions for Local Businesses

We concluded a groundbreaking initiative where we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Municipality which allows businesses to safeguard sub-station infrastructure within their area of operations, thus ensuring minimal interruptions to power supply and continuity of business operations. (20 sub-stations adopted by 12 companies thus far).

Qualifying Industry Members Implement 24-Hour Voluntary Stage 5+ Loadshedding Schedule

We initiated the successful implementation of a more tenable and planned 24-hour voluntary stage 5+ loadshedding schedule for qualifying industry members. To date, 40 companies have participated in the initiative, and 9 of these are from NMB logistics.

Adopt-a-School Initiative

As part of the plan to mitigate some of the risks associated with the water crisis facing our city the Chamber established an Adopt-a-School initiative and member companies are assisting with fixing faulty or damaged plumbing systems at schools across the Metro that have been flagged as high water consumers. Currently, 35% of the Metro’s water is lost due to leaks of which 10% of this happens at schools. Member companies have adopted 76 schools and a clinic. To date, work has been completed at 53 of these schools. Additionally, assistance has been provided to 30 schools and clinics for the establishment of water tanks to harvest rain, while six boreholes have been installed at six schools for use by the surrounding communities.

Establishing Key Clusters

We have established a few Key Clusters in Deal Party, Perseverance, Struandale, North End, Kariega, Beachfront Cluster, Neave/Korsten and the Baakens Valley with a strong focus on prioritising the resolution of critical enabling environment issues.

Adopt-a-Leak Intervention

In total just under 1.7 million litres of water per day was saved through the targeted Adopt-A-Leak intervention in the 7 zones, with an average reduction of 23% in each zone.

45 Boreholes Sunk to Ensure Communities have Access to Water

Through our partnership with the Gift of the Givers, 45 boreholes were sunk to ensure that communities have access to water.

Help Desk Assists Businesses 

In 2023, our Help Desk assisted businesses in unlocking 116 red-tape/bottlenecks issues.

Task Teams Prioritise Businesses Most Pressing Issues

We have focused our Task Teams to prioritise the most pressing issues of water and sanitation, electricity, roads and transport, safety and security, and property.

Property Task Team Established

We established a Property Task Team with key focus on retaining and attracting investment and jobs in Nelson Mandela Bay by identifying and unblocking obstacles which negatively impact the property sector and relevant interest groups.